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Executive Summer School 2018

Intensive training for Non Profit Organization executives  
to optimize management capacities under complex conditions


“The University of Geneva is located in the very heart of Geneva and is one of the leading higher education institutions in Switzerland. Geneva is representing since a long time an international and cosmopolitan city. It is the worldwide hub for many Non Profit Organizations (NPOs), Voluntary and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Non Profit Organizations are under rising pressure to better allocate and manage their limited resources in central offices and in the field. An effective and common management approach in complex situations is thus crucial.

The participation in our program will allow you to step back from your daily work and to change the perspective. In this regards, it will enable you to get a wider and more comprehensive understanding of your work environment.


This Certificate is an intensive training to optimize participants’ management capacities in an international context. Our program provides executives with a first class management education without interrupting their careers. The program balances theory and practical application and offers modern interactive teaching approaches to its participants. Prominent professors and high level practitioners have been selected to guarantee a rich and challenging learning experience. Furthermore the courses encourages exchanges of experiences with peers.

We are constantly identifying the needs of NPOs and are developing appropriate answers for executives. The courses are entirely taught in English. The program offers you the opportunity to expand your professional network. In this regards we offer a wide Alumni Network with past participants from all over the world. Be welcome to the CAS ‘Modern Management for Non Profit Organizations’! ”

Prof. Thomas Straub, Director, GSEM Executive