«  Since I finished the program and sent all my assignments I started thinking how to apply what I learned into my organization in duties and tasks.
I found that this program impacted both levels, my organization and my personal life.
As we are in war zone and not stable, I started reviewing all existing policies and updating documenting all missing procedures and policies for all hierarchy levels.
I acquired a new vision for the future of BASMA, through an updated framework that recognizes the dimensions of the environmental influences, the position and role of BASMA, the requirements for excellence, the collaboration between the board members and of course the driving forces and obstacles at all level, and most importantly identification of the needs for change.
What I learned for myself that life is running and we can’t just be observers in this world, we have to be active and interfere with the circumstances through continuous learning. I am now aware that being active in the surrounding environment is very different than being just a passive observer and recipient of its consequences, surrendering to its effects."

Rima Salem
Executive Director
BASMA, Support children with cancer and their families organization, Syria


" After many years of working for NPOs, it was so great to be back at university and in an intellectually stimulating group of teachers and colleagues. A great opportunity to discover that NPOs gomuch beyond our usual working environment and that we could share a lot with colleagues working outside our usual network. I found the course particularly useful in consolidating the "try and succeed" approach into a robust management approach."

Jean-Luc Eiselé PhD, Executive Director
FDIWorld Dental Federation

" This CAS provides a great connection between NPO theory and practical exercises. It is very intense and enables the participants not only to enlarge their knowledge but also to try to apply it in interactive group work.
What makes it even more special is that it is taught from specialist of the NPO world - therefore it allows many inside views of great NPOs. Also, the participants contribute in a perfect way to the diversity of the CAS by coming from all over the world and very interesting NPOs. I strongly recommend this course. It helped me not only to broaden my personal horizon but allowed me to enter in a new professional world."

ElisabethWintzler, Fundraiser
Bethlehem Mission Immensee, Lucerne

"It has been not only an important way to resourcemyself in this particular field by following this exciting CAS but it also helped me to learn very important technics and management aspects that I would have never thought of. The great interaction with the alumni even years after completion of the CAS represents an important value added that I am sure to keep for years and years..."

Grégoire Pavillon, Executive Director
European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL)


" There are a few great features about this certificate of advanced studies: the passion of lecturers for their work, and their ability to make it infectious! Strategic planning, communication and knowledge management were extremely useful to me. Lots of useful contents and good methodology. While powerpoint was overused, some lecturers made good use of other adult learning techniques and I really appreciate their availability. Somewhat linked to that is my second point: solidarity between students was great and we remain in close touch. Third: I have been using the leadership approach as we learned in classin my new job on a daily basis and developing ambitious plans to use this methodology for leadership training in Romania."

Joseph AGUETTANT, Head of Delegation
Terre des hommes in Romania

"CAS is an extraordinary experience for mid and senior level NPO professionals, as it exposes and stimulates the participants to what they can expect from and how to deal with the constantly changing and dynamic non-profit environment. Great and useful insightintomultiple and relevant areas as well as subjects that is conducive to learning by very competent faculty."

Ivane BOCHORISHVILI, Technical Officer
World Health Organization

" As my organization engaged in a renewal process resulting in a new LWF strategy 2012-2017 and structural realignment to the new strategy, I found the Modern management for NPOs’ course very valuable in identifying tools for management and leadership, particularly during this time of change. The program's blending of professional research and sharing of practical experiences from variety of fields and NPO's both by professors and participants was a great motivation for me. A one day free of lectures at the end of each module enables participants to challenge and support each other as they sharpen their thinking,while preparing for exams and project writing. I would definitely recommend this program to those interested in learning the state-of-the-art of modern management for non-profit organizations."

Musa Panti FILIBUS, Director for the Department for Mission and Development
The Lutheran World Federation (LWF)

" After my long NPO work experience, I was eager to find a course that would feed me with theories and models to enhance my reflective abilities while applying my practical experience.Having completed this course, I’m definitely glad to be able to converge my knowledge on management of NPOs allowing me to conceptualise within my organization and actively experiment the knowledge in various projects within my portfolio, while lastly supporting other organizations on logistics and management expertise."

Jorge MAZUZE, Logistics Manager
Médecins Sans Frontières, Switzerland

" The courses which I attended in 2010 were very useful and I have been beneficial to other colleagues of the Red Cross in Burundi and others National Societies of East Africa. In brief,this program is extremely important and deserve to be followed by many executives coming from the four corners of the world."

Balthazar BACINONI, National Coordinator for the Mobilization of Sustainable Local Capacity
Burundi Red Cross Society

"This Certificate helps managers to focus, develop, analyze and map the road or strategic direction they want to carry their organizations. It definitely enhances the human resource profile of local managers. I have found the courses in particular helpful to improve the negotiating skills and present important elements to look at and to analyze before entering into contracts and decision making. It enables managers to successfully engage in sustainable collaborative programs."

Kofi ADDO, Secretary General
Ghana Red Cross Society

"The Certificate helped me broadening my professional expertise by being in contact with NPO workers coming from very diverse fields. I really appreciated the teaching method of the program which always supports theory with practical examples provided by senior NPO professionals."

Lorenzo DE SANTIS, Research Assistant
UNI Global Union

"This very first edition of the Certificate in Modern Management of NPOs gave me not only a good overview of the many challenges in managing a NPO, but also food for thoughts in my daily professional activities. I would even have asked for more! Maybe for the forthcoming editions ?"

Jean-Luc MUHLEBACH, Human Resources Coordinator - Field National Staff Unit
Medecins Sans Frontieres Switzerland (MSF)

"Thanks to the CAS, I have a broader understanding of key skills required in the Non-Profit sector and how they are closely interrelated. While reflecting on the topics in the program, I have identified useful tools I can apply to my tasks in fundraising and project work. I very much enjoyed sharing experiences with participants from diverse backgrounds."

Muriel BATACLAN, Program and Fundraising assistant
World Council of Churches (WCC)